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Saturday, 13 June 2020

How to use whatsapp web PC and Laptop

Learn to run WhatsApp on pc and laptop by WhatsApp web

Do you want to learn how to use WhatsApp easily from PC in Whatsapp web  ... So keep watching this video. Hello, my name is Pawan Borana, one can use WhatsApp from a PC. There were also a lot of third-party tools like bluestacks but these android emulators were not user friendly and required a lot of memory to run on OC, So used to slow down the computer. Now you don't need it. Take that long and difficult route. Recently WhatsApp has introduced a new feature and now you can easily access WhatsApp from your PC or computer. Can. You no longer need third-party tools.

 Whatsapp web needs to run in PC and Laptop 

First of all, you need a computer with an internet connection. Secondly, a smartphone where the WhatsApp app is installed and Chrome is a browser, so let's learn how to use WhatsApp from a PC. First of all open Chrome browser and type web. now opens a new page… it is WhatsApp web now you have to scan the QR code on the screen with your mobile phone, you have to take your smartphone, what's app is in the WhatsApp and then your mobile But scan the QR code on the screen with WhatsApp. This QR code on your screen will help you to chat on WhatsApp through your PC. Understand some of the instructions given here. If you have an Android phone, you can open WhatsApp, then go to the menu and then WhatsApp Web. You also have instructions for Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Blackberry, and Nokia S60. There is no mention of the iPhone here. Anyway ... I have an Android phone that I am going to use the Samsung Galaxy S3 for this video. If you want to remain signed in to WhatsApp, please click on this box but if you are entering from public or shared computer. .. For example from a cyber cafe, you can uncheck this box here. Now I will check this box properly

Whatsapp to run WhatsApp web in pc and laptop

 so let's open WhatsApp on my phone. This is my WhatsApp on my mobile, click and open it on my mobile if I click on the menu and see ... This is an older a version of WhatsApp - there should be an item - 'WhatsApp Web' which does not appear here Is, so I need to update WhatsApp on my phone ok .. let's go to Playstore and let me open WhatsApp. 

 This is Whatsapp messenger here you see the 'update' button. Update this app. Click 'Accept'. If you have an old version of WhatsApp on your mobile, you will not be able to. Use WhatsApp on your PC now that it is being installed now that the app is updated, click on the open button and open it. 

 Let's open WhatsApp and click on the 'WhatsApp web'. You might want to pay attention to... I'm going to the menu and clicking 'WhatsApp Web' on my phone and my QR code is being scanned here, maybe I should take it closer on the computer screen and you. You can see that now the computer screen is mirroring whatever is on my mobile screen, whatever is on my mobile screen ... exactly the same .... which is displayed on my PC screen if you As you wish, you can send a message from here. 

Let's type a message on mobile and see what happens. Contact me here ... Click contact me and let me type "Hi" here and let me add a smiley. .. and click on 'send' button to me here you can see exactly the same message on my computer screen then type me "how are you" and click on 'send' button and here you can see the same pc screen So this is how to use WhatsApp on your PC if you are connected to the internet. 

How to see WhatsApp web message in pc and laptop

You see here ... I have received a message WhatsApp and I can see notifications on both my mobile and my PC now click on it. Now you can see that the message is appearing both on my mobile and on my PC. Answer me the message on the computer "I'm fine. AAP Kaise hain?" Press the Send button on the computer and see if it appears on your mobile. I typed the message on my computer and it can be seen here on mobile. Let me try something. 

 My mobile is not connected to the Wi-Fi network ... and I have disabled my mobile data, but I can see here on my computer that contact is typing something and I get a message Trying to send. Here I can see the word 'typing' under the name. If the message arrives on the computer ... No, now I have stopped receiving messages, so let me connect to the Wi-Fi network again. Mobile data is still off ...

The Conclusion For use Whatsapp Web in PC

Let's see if the message comes once I connect to the Wi-Fi network or not, the message is received and I can see it on both mobile and PC. This means that you have to be connected to the Internet on your mobile ... only then you will be able to see WhatsApp messages on your PC. That means you need internet connectivity on your mobile to use WhatsApp on your computer. What's the big deal? is? This means we have to pay for the data charges ...? No ... I just tried to do something ... Let me show you if someone gives you a big message on WhatsApp

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