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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

How to work as freelancer in india

 Information in English

I will give this information in both Hindi and English language, so my friends who do not know English can also read this blog and earn money from freelancing and our title can be achieved.

How to work on Freelancing

Step 1: Determine what you are good at, commit to a life of freelancing, and sign up for a Freelancing website...
Step 2: Set up your profile. ...
Step 3: Find projects. ...
Step 4: Work. ...
Step 5: Get paid and earn five-star feedback.

How to work as freelancer in india
कैप्शन जोड़ें

Hi, Friends, I AM Pawan Borana  welcome you to my own blog PBMARKETING
As I told you in the previous blog how to do online earning, the first way in which you could do online earning was freelancing.
 From today I will tell you how you can earn money in freelancing as well as how you will be able to create an account and receive an order on the freelancing website, I had mentioned the names of some reliable and famous freelancing websites in my previous blog, I will tell you in detail every freelancing website one by one, then I had mentioned the names of these websites in that blog.,,,,

Now I will give you detailed information about these websites so that you can easily make money online by visiting these websites, you can subscribe to this blog by email subscription so that whenever I tell you about the next website Get information by email

Information about the first website

You have to first copy  this link and paste on google and go to fiverr's website
After visiting Fiverr's website there will be two options above

Sign -in and Sign-up
Now you are a new user, so you have to complete the process of sign in by clicking on the sign-in button, it will be of three to four terms respectively, in which you have to enter your email id and password, now your screen like this picture Now you have to click on the profile button and correct the profile.
Now you have to upload a profile picture of yours and give information about you in the description below it, general information about you and how you work and how you will give your service, then you have to give your skill ad What work do you have to do and you have to give information about whatever language you are proficient in, you have to make a good profile so that the attention of the client W and draw and give you orders
    You can create your profile by looking at my profile, I am giving a link to your Fiverr profile, on which you click and make a good profile. 


Now you click on your profile again and go to settings and click on the online shows to display online and verify your mobile number, email.
After you complete your profile, after that you have to make one of your gigs or do an advertisement for your work

How to work as freelancer in india

In the knowledge of how to make gigs in Fiverr, I will give you in the next upcoming blog and I will also tell you how to make good gigs which can easily rank on the 1st page, so you can subscribe to my blog by email subscription so that whenever I next If I tell you about the website, then you will get information by email
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Pawan Borana

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